Exclusive Brands


Right from research, designing, and manufacturing of motorcycle and car accessories. Thump is one of the leading brands that offer you an exclusive range of auto-aftermarket products. The company is appreciated for its flawless operations and enhanced level of satisfaction. The brand comes up with a range of accessories and spare parts which can redefine your traveling experience.


Zureni brings forth an assorted array of fashion and beauty accessories for women. The company offers designer handbags, makeup, and grooming accessories to its customers. We are delivering what can make a woman beautiful and attractive in a more expensive world. Show your style wherever you are, wherever you go!


AllExtreme has been changing its pace swiftly where it’s offering high-quality products such as – Gloves, Bike accessories, Bags, and other products. An array of products are made of best-in-class material which gives you reliable and long-lasting accessories for use. This brand endeavors to build the most customer-centric online store. AllExtreme is the one-stop destination for all your car/bike needs.


Biroller has come up with a range of car and bike accessories that can enhance the performance of your vehicle. The company has been providing the products as per the changing trends in the automotive industry as well as with the subsequent needs of the customers. With our exclusive car and bike accessories, we have been making travel more comfortable, ergonomic, and safer.


Casago brings the best car and motorbike accessories from a great selection of accessories, including – protective gear, clothing, frames, fitting, lights, helmets, etc. The company offers an unparallel level of high-demand products while maintaining superior quality. Casago aims for perfection and gives you valuable experience on the road that a rider can get.


Pivalo manufactures high-quality products in the context of bike accessories, car accessories, games, and toys. Since its inception, The company is more focused on the latest technology therefore it spends a big amount on research and development. Our innovative and high-performing products are highly demanded in the market. We help our customers to provide personalized solutions in terms of car and bike accessories.


Ladista offers you premium quality handbags, makeup brushes, beauty, and personal care kits that can escalate the charm and style that you always crave. From designer bags, makeup brushes, to make-up brush kits, we’ve everything for you that need for a professional makeover. We always strive to bring Women’s accessories that can trend all across the globe.


Motopack presents high-quality accessories for cars, motorcycles, bikes, and commercial vehicles. The company offers high-performing and efficient products which are above all. Our motorcycle and car accessories help in enhancing the appearance and performance of vehicles. It’s great for making ride enjoyable, safer and comfortable. Get the best experience in the terms of quality, shopping experience, and price.


Associated Brands

With our years of expertise, and wide distribution network we have succeeded to create an extraordinary partnership with Indian and Global brands. We believe in their products and operational skills to achieve mutual business success.


Sara is a beauty and health care brand that’s known for its skincare products. The products are formulated with natural extracts and essential skin brightening ingredients which help in delivering the real benefits to your body. The brand is perfect for beauticians and retailers who demand quality at reasonable prices. Glowing skin is just a few steps away as Sara helps to get the perfect glow that you crave.


O3plus is one of the leading professional skincare companies since 2005. Its products are always appreciated by beauty salons, stylists, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons. The company aims to deliver the highest quality of beauty products such as – D-tan packs, facial masks, scrubs, etc. with the presence of the best quality ingredients.


TSC is specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of printers. It also works in the research and development area of printers. The company has been offering tailored solutions to its customers that match the unique needs of every customer including small businesses or BIG companies. TSC believes in consistent performance and quality, therefore it holds a good position in the printer industry.


Honeywell is recognized as a “SuperBrand” in the India and globe. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and global centers that help in providing excellence in technology development and innovation. It’s providing a series of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, aerospace systems, and control technologies for buildings. It’s inserting its efficiency and potential to meet the critical challenges of energy, safety, security, and productivity.


Capdase is a brand that’s known for its premium quality of mobile products and accessories for iPad, iPhones, and smartphones. The company makes an array of products such as car mounts, chargers, cables, screen protectors, cases, and bags. We believe in innovation and excellence and have established ourselves as the epitome of Quality.


“Cello” is a common name in Indian households. The brand is one of the leading exporters of household products. The company offers a range of products including – water bottles, storage containers, home appliances, cookware series, home essentials, kids collection, etc. We have received so many awards and accolades in different categories such as – outstanding performance, most trusted & recognized brand.


Crane is dedicated to maintain a pleasant and soothing environment with its high-performing humidifiers. The company keeps efficiency, function, and style in mind while making its products. Since its inception, the company is engaged in manufacturing high-quality humidifiers/air purifiers that will keep your home germ free. We also sell replacement of parts of the products, that’s something our best part.


Bremed believes in making innovative and high-quality products for satisfying the needs of customers worldwide. We have been improving our skills and competence in the development and innovation of technologies.


Steelbird doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to the manufacturing of motorcycle helmets and auto accessories. All manufactured items are made with premium quality material by the use of Avant-grade technology. Our prime focus is on the implementation of innovation in the manufacturing process.


STUDDS Accessories Limited is the foremost manufacturer of helmet and motorcycle accessories in India and the globe. We have been offering exclusive, comfortable, and high-quality helmets to provide safety to riders. Our high-quality helmets & motorcycle accessories make us proud & reflect our commitment to this philosophy. Over the years, our hard work and focus on excellence have been recognized, and we have received so many prestigious awards, certifications, and accolades.


Zebra collaborates with its partners for providing an exclusive range of products and services in technology. The list of products includes – mobile computers, scanners, tablets, software, and other accessories. Our team of professionals helps customers to make smarter business decisions. Zebra hardware, software, supplies, and services empower businesses and unlock their potential.


Sharp is known for making unique products due it its deep involvement in innovation and technology. A strong customer portfolio describes its success when it comes to naturally clean and healthy air. The product list of the company includes so many products which fall under consumer electronic solutions, business solutions, and healthcare solutions.


A unit of O3+, Petlogix offers you Best Pet Care Products online! Where it offers quality products for a healthier and happier pet. The company is committed to provides a natural, healthy, and playful solution for dogs. Petlogix strives to deliver a product that’s natural and contains no synthetic or parabens.